Where on closed portals you can watch torture, murder, and even take part in them. Users are willing to pay for the opportunity to give instructions to the executioner about further actions and watch their implementation in real time. CruelOnion Nevertheless, it is impossible to find “red rooms” on the web where harm could be done to a person, which is monitored by special services, but it is quite possible to find sites where cruel behavior with animals is broadcast here. In 2016, one of these knackers Brent Justice and his accomplice Ashley Nicole Richards were arrested for creating the website CruelOnion. Here, users took orders for killing and torturing animals for money and published videos of what was happening. Brent Jatists, who was sentenced to 50 years for this activity, noted that he had a wide client base and made good money on such a “business”. ISIS Red Room The most famous “red room” was the page on the ISIS Red Room network, whose creators claimed to have found members of a similar terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation and are now preparing to kill them live. At the specified time, thousands of users visited this site in anticipation of a bloody spectacle, but the portal simply ceased to exist, issuing an error. This example clearly demonstrates the bloodthirstiness of a person, since many people around the world were not against watching the murder live and even taking part in it.

Daisy’s Destruction

The most famous and true story from the Darknet tells about the attackers Matthew David Graham and Peter Geralt Scully, who filmed and distributed videos of pedophilia and murder. One of these videos under the name Daisy’s Destruction captures the process of rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, whose killer is the second victim of maniacs. As a result, this video fell into the hands of law enforcement, and its creator was caught and sentenced to 35 years.