– Every time you place an order, do not enter any data until you click on the “I agree to the processing of personal data” checkbox. Read the terms of processing of personal information. If there is no consent or policy on the processing of personal data, take a screenshot and send a complaint through the Roskomnadzor website: it is online and free. Call the seller and clarify how things are with PD, how they are protected, ask them to send the text of consent to data processing and do not leave any information until you get acquainted with such a document

If you really want to buy a product on a specific site, but you are not sure about the safety of the data, then it is worth studying the data processing policy and the procedure for their recall. A request to recall your PD must be sent immediately after receiving the goods. If the company did not respond, then you can safely write a complaint to Roskomnadzor.


Pavel Katkov, the owner of a law firm in the field of digital technologies, Katkov and Partners, notes in a conversation with RSpectr that data is leaking due to the weak position of the “plaintiff”, that is, a citizen who does not have the resources to defend his rights in the courts.

“The only way out is the active position of Roskomnadzor, which will proactively monitor such cases, investigate them and punish specific companies and their officials, including employees who directly carried out this abuse. In this case, the situation may change for the better,” P. Katkov believes.